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Sewer Inspection | Lakewood CO

Fowler Sewer Service in Denver, services Lakewood CO, and we know that requesting a sewer inspection before purchasing a new home can save you from unexpected expenses such as sewer repairs, replacement or even a backup. Sewer repairs or sewer replacement can cost between $500.00 and $8000.00 depending on the location and the depth of the sewer problems. Below are some pictures we have taken during inspections which required sewer repair or sewer cleaning.

Sewer Inspection Lakewood CO| Broken Pipe due to Tree roots Sewer Cleaning Lakewood CO| Sewage Leaking into ground Sewer Inspection Lakewood CO| Broken clay pipe joint

Top Left: Broken pipe caused by tree roots. This had to be excavated to be reparied in the yard approx. 15' deep. 

Top Center: Bottom of pipe is missing and sewage is leaking into the ground. This had to be excavated and repaired in an alley.

Top Right: The clay pipe joint broke and shifted downward. This was under a sidewalk just outside the house approx. 4' deep.

Sewer Cleaning Lakewood CO| Light Tree roots in pipe joint Sewer Inspection Lakewood CO| Heavy Tree roots in pipe joint Sewer Cleaning Lakewood CO| Wood lodged in sewer pipe

Bottom Left: Light tree roots in a joint. These roots can be cleaned out easily with a sewer snake. The line should be cleaned yearly to prevent damage to pipe. 

Bottom Center: Heavy tree roots in a joint. Again these roots can be removed fairly easily and the line should also be cleaned yearly.

Bottom Right: Large piece of wood in the line.We dont know how it got there but it had to be excavated to be removed in a busy street.